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Business Process & Controls Review

In every business there are multiple cycles and processes that are routine and important to a company’s day-to-day operations. Aside from processes, controls are vital in ensuring that processes are regulated and protect an organization from fraudulent activities.

The process of implementing controls in an organization begins with developing policies and procedures or rules that govern a process. For example, one of the most common processes that has controls is cash handling. Companies ensure that funds in a till or petty cash reconcile with receipts or a ledger. This is checked by at least 1 other person in the company before it is verified as accurate. 

These processes may be time-consuming to develop and at times when a requirement is realised, it is often too late as an event has occurred. Countless audits performed by our partners have provided us with the expertise to ensure proper processes and controls are developed for your company.

Business Process & Controls Review: Service
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