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Nominee Director

There are various reasons to incorporate a company in a country that you do not reside in. However, the problem that arises is meeting the statutory requirement of having a resident director.

Local Nominee Directors are appointed for various reasons and meeting statutory requirements of a resident director is one of them.

We at Akash Devasar & Co., have highly qualified and experienced professionals who can take up this role. Some of the most common responsibilities will be to convene and hold the company's Annual General Meeting and filing of the company's annual returns.

It is also important to note that Nominee Directors will not be involved in day-to-day activities of the business. At your request, we will advise and facilitate opening of bank accounts for the company however, the appointed Nominee Director will not be involved in the signing of cheques or processing of any payments, as they are to remain independent of Executive Directors.

Nominee Director: Service
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