There's a new term for daylight robbery - Subscriptions!

Periodically, as I would imagine most couples would, we look at our expenses under the microscope, with a fine-tooth comb we went through it, took a deep-dive into every cent, and I made a startling revelation. Reviewing my bank account on the app, I saw a regular charge which I’ve been getting for the past 5 years (at least) and just thought, “oh yeah that’s fine, next”, did a sort of double take and thought, “wait a minute, let me just look at this in detail”. I was paying

Incoming Call: Rip-off Network

What would we do without our phones? Back in the day our phones were used for 3 things only, calls, texts and playing Snake of course. Fast forward only just 10 years and we use our phones as a camera, music player, calculator, notepad, bank, web browser, compass, map, ruler, GPS tracker, medium for news, stalking friends (I don’t do that, you do that 🤨) and many more reasons. Now more than ever, our phones play a very important role in our lives. With that, everybody has a

On Offer: Get paid to be organized!

“Hunny, could you get a $200 gift card please”? Something I hear almost every week from my other half. No, we are not attending a party or gifting $200. That’s us purchasing a supermarket gift card for $190 but getting a value of $200. Yes $10 worth of extra value just for purchasing a gift card in advance or basically, being organized. Cashback Apps So, we live in a country where the supermarket has a partnership with a fuel company and other retail stores selling appliances

Boy, do these cents add up!

Boy oh boy, what a year it has been so far. 4 months to go and everyone is just wondering how much worse this could all get. I know there are many people doing it tough especially right now during the global pandemic but this is also one of the best times to take some time and re-evaluate your expenses. I thought I’d put something together that I myself have made changes to and benefited from to share with all of you to save a buck here and there. Caffeine junkies For those y